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Corporate Overview

Established in 2002, Bullion Management Group Inc.’s (BMG) mission is to be the global leader in providing secure, cost-effective and transparent ways to purchase and store physical gold, silver and platinum bullion for real wealth preservation and true portfolio diversification.

A Canadian company based in the greater Toronto area, BMG is a dedicated guardian of Uncompromised Bullion ownership with over CDN$343 million in assets under management (AUM).  With over 20,000 clients worldwide, we maintain offices in multiple countries including Panamá and the United Kingdom.

We offer bullion ownership in regulated Canadian mutual funds: BMG BullionFund; BMG Gold BullionFund (BMG Funds); and individual bars with the BullionBars™ program and the addition of our 500-1 ounce Silver Maple Leaf coins,1 ounce Gold Maple Leaf coins in tubes of 10, or boxes of 50 tubes and 1 ounce Platinum Maple Leaf coins in tubes of 10.

Bullion Management Services Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of BMG, is the Manager, Trustee and Registrar of BMG Funds. Our 11-year history of ethical management and compliance is achieved in partnership with the industry’s most trusted business entities including, among others, our custodian, The Bank of Nova Scotia, and our auditors, BDO Canada LLP.

BMG was the first  precious metals management company in Canada to become an Associate Member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) – an honour it shares with the Royal Canadian Mint, the Crown Corporation that produces Canada’s currency. This validation and endorsement is only bestowed upon firms that meet the LBMA's rigorous industry standards on refining, reliable trading and Good Delivery practices.