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BMG Structure

Bullion Management Group Inc.

Bullion Management Group Inc. (BMG) is the parent company that oversees operations and management of all BMG subsidiaries, products and services.

Bullion Management Services Inc.

Bullion Management Services Inc. is the Manager, Trustee and Registrar of BMG BullionFund, and BMG Gold BullionFund.

Bullion Custodial Services Inc.

Bullion Custodial Services Inc. is the manager of the BMG BullionBars™ program, which sells bullion and provides custodial services to clients worldwide through BMG BullionBars™ Authorized Dealers.

Bullion Marketing Services Inc.

Bullion Marketing Services Inc. provides marketing services for BMG Funds and BMG BullionBars™. Bullion Marketing Services Inc. is also an exempt market dealer and provides services to high net worth clients who prefer to have a direct relationship with BMG for the purchase of bullion products.