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BullionBrief Archives

Welcome to the BMG BullionBrief archives

BMG BullionBrief is views on the economy and precious metals with Paul de Sousa, Executive Vice President and Nick Barisheff, President and CEO.

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BMG BullionBrief - November 2009

Video Length: 4:35
Paul de Sousa interviews Nick Barisheff on precious metals and the markets during this edition of the BullionBrief. Nick and Paul discuss Gold hitting new highs and the sustainability, and what impact India’s 200 tonne purchase will have on the market.

BMG BullionBrief - Bullion Question and Answers Edition - November 2009

Video Length: 7:04
During November’s edition of BMG BullionBrief Paul de Sousa welcomed advisor and investors to submit questions via email. During this Special Edition of BMG BullionBrief, Nick Barisheff will answer some of those questions including:

  • What is the difference between BMG and other bullion products on the market?
  • Why doesn’t the Fund hedge against the US dollar?
  • Do you think precious metals performed as well as they should have during the 2008 crisis?

BMG BullionBrief - December 2009

Video Length: 6:23
Nick Barisheff and Paul de Sousa comment on the recent moves of the price of gold and the latest news on the bullion market and comment on the most relevant questions:

  • Are we at the top of the market for precious metals?
  • Where do gold prices go from here?

Special Edition BMG BullionBrief - BMG Gold BullionFund Launch

Video Length: 4:32
Nick Barisheff and Paul de Sousa discuss the launch of the BMG Gold BullionFund and the benefits of investing in a gold bullion only fund. Nick tells us why he started Gold Fund, what makes BMG Gold BullionFund stand out against similar funds with investors – including reference to the Catalyst Bullion Report where BMG was ranked number one in precious metals funds.