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Business Continuity Planning

BMG recognizes the need to formalize the organisation's Business Continuity Planning process.  We understand that there are significant risks to its essential business processes through potential and unexpected disruptive events.  The increasing development in technologically based processes, and the related high level of dependence upon these technological processes in order to conduct our business, has made it necessary to initiate a Business Continuity Planning project with immediate effect. 

Accordingly, on August 1, 2011, BMG implemented the initial version of its Business Continuity Plan.  The Plan outlines the protocols and required actions to allow BMG to continue operation in a disruptive event.  Specific items and actions and actions are addressed such as employee safety and evacuation, risk assessment of potential critical events, and requirements for the recovery of IT systems.  Furthermore, BMG has access to a dedicated secondary business site with redundant servers and full back-up of the telephone system which, in the event of a long-term disruption, will allow BMG to continue operations with little potential downtime.

BMG has trained all staff and relevant individuals on the working of its Business Continuity Plan.  The Company understands that the current plan will evolve as business requirements change and updates are made to the efficiency of the Plan.  As a result, we are committed to providing ongoing training, as required, to provide the necessary individuals and staff with the most current protocols to guarantee prompt recovery from any disruptive event.

Please do not hesitate to contact BMG with any questions or comments regarding our Business Continuity Plan.