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Gold Myths

The Six Biggest Myths About Gold is required reading for sophisticated investors and advisors.

This BMG Special Report offers invaluable insight into gold as an undervalued asset class.

In this report, Nick Barisheff, the President and CEO of Bullion Management Group, takes the time to demystify gold and examine old beliefs that are commonly held in the investment community. His balanced and unbiased analysis is especially meaningful to both investors and advisors, given the condition of financial markets today.

The report examines and then dispels six gold myths in detail:

Myth 1: Gold is a bad investment
Myth 2: Gold is not a good inflation hedge
Myth 3: Gold is a risky investment
Myth 4: Gold does not pay dividends or interest
Myth 5: Gold is an archaic relic
Myth 6: Mining stocks are better investments than bullion

It comes complete with statistical data, as well as specific examples from economic specialists, such as Ibbotson and Associates and Wainwright Economics. The extensive gold myths analysis shows that gold can reduce portfolio volatility, improve returns, protect against rising inflation, and protect against systemic financial crisis.

The core conclusion about gold myths is that as the general public grows wise to the benefits of bullion, the price of gold will experience rapid appreciation.

When this time comes, you don't want to be left behind.