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Canadians Worried About Funding Retirement

Not all Canadians believe they’ll be able to achieve their retirement goals, according to two different surveys. An Angus Reid survey finds that only 26% of Canadians think they’re saving enough to meet their future retirement needs. The survey was conducted in conjunction with the rele...
Blog 2013-10-29
The Coming Crash in the Bond Market

Government debt expansion is being driven by the Fed, which is flooding markets with liquidity in an effort to keep interest rates near zero. It continues to distort the rate by extending its monthly purchases of $40 billion of mortgage-backed securities and $45 billion of Treasuries out to 2016. T...
Blog 2013-03-16
Warning: Stocks Likely to Crater from Here

Since since few on Wall Street seem willing or able to, Martenson is making the call for a market correction. Enough variables have aligned to indicate a high likelihood of stocks heading downwards from here. The broad outline is that he sees speculative fevers, propelled by the Fed’s $85 bil...
Blog 2013-03-07
Feb 12 - The Great Fake Rally of 2013

As the collective worldwide equity rally continues, the public seems to believe that the world’s problems have been solved—they haven’t. As for gold, when equities are flying high people conclude they don’t need the yellow metal. For the moment, currency printing has support...
Blog 2013-02-12

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