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Nick Barisheff

Nick is the President and CEO of Bullion Management Group Inc. Widely recognized as an international bullion expert, Nick has written numerous articles on bullion and current market trends that are published on various news and business websites. He has appeared on BNN, CBC, CNBC and Sun Media, and has been interviewed for countless articles published in leading business publications across North America, Europe and Asia. His first book,



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Gold: A Zero-Risk Monetary Asset

To download the revised 2019 PDF (Postscript) of this article To download original PDF of this article By Taxiarchos228 – Own work, FAL Basel III is a set of international banking regulations developed by the Bank for International Sett...
News Articles 2019-04-02
Protecting Your Investment Portfolio with Precious Metals

To download a PDF version of this article Insurance is a unique product.  We all buy it with the hope we’ll never have to use it.  We carry insurance for our homes, cars and families, but few of us think about insuring our investment portfolios.   Many ...
News Articles 2019-03-27
How Much Gold Should I Hold?

To download PDF version of this article I am asked this question often by both investors and advisors, and there is no simple answer. First, you need to understand that gold is   not   an investment, but money itself. I wrote this   article in 2017 , and in January 2019, the Bank of ...
News Articles 2019-02-28
Devastating Losses Are Coming: What Is Your Advisor Doing About It?

To download PDF version I hold financial professionals who recommend monetary gold to their clients in the highest esteem. It is their sage advice that will protect investors from the unprecedented dangers they face today in the markets. However, many advisors are no longer permitted to recommend p...
News Articles 2019-01-09
New Mandatory Risk Rating Is Misleading Canadian Investors

To download PDF version Canadian securities regulators may be putting investors at risk. They implemented a new mandatory risk weighting system in September 2017 based on 10-year Standard Deviation. Every Canadian mutual fund and exchange-traded fund (ETF) must now include a risk rating based on th...
News Articles 2018-08-16
GoldSeek Radio Interview with Nick Barisheff

GoldSeek Radio Interview with Nick Barisheff Chris Waltzek of GoldSeek.Com Radio talks to Nick Barisheff, president and CEO, Bullion Management Group Inc.
Video/Presentations 2017-10-04
Silver Thoughts with The Silver Guru – An Interview with David Morgan

Nick Barisheff interviews David Morgan to discuss his new book, “ The Second Chance “, silver, the economy, and more. A precious metals aficionado armed with degrees in finance and economics as well as engineering, David Morgan created website. David considers himsel...
Video/Presentations 2017-03-30
The Myths of Gold Confiscation

If we experience a debt crisis, as many economists believe is inevitable, many people believe that their holdings of gold and silver bullion will be confiscated, just as in 1933. This article reviews the probability of confiscation and compares it to other more likely measures to generate governmen...
News Articles 2017-03-01
Portfolio Diversification Myths: Why Pension Funds Need To Rethink Their Strategies

Pension funds across North America are facing record shortfalls. Research shows that 33% of Canadian pension funds are struggling to meet liabilities( Figure 1 ); the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan funding shortfall, for example, ballooned to $17.1 billion in 2009, despite strong investment r...
News Articles 2016-11-10
Silver – A Reliable Safe Haven in the Eye of the Global Financial Storm

The region at the centre of a hurricane about which the winds rotate, but which itself is relatively calm, is commonly known as the eye of the storm. Swirling around the eye of the global economy are the interconnected, chaotic forces of “peak valuation” in stocks, real estate and bonds...
News Articles 2016-10-19
Silver Thoughts with The Silver Guru, David Morgan

Nick Barisheff had the pleasure of sitting down with David Morgan, author of the Silver Manifesto to discuss silver, gold, the economy, and more.
Video/Presentations 2016-10-19
Nick Barisheff Interviewed by Chris Waltzek, Radio

Nick Barisheff of Bullion Management Group Inc. (BMG) notes that most of the above ground silver stockpiles were sold before the year 2000 and each ounce at the COMEX has 44 eligible owners. Moreover, only 20% of silver is the byproduct of pure silver mines, the remaining 80% is derived from base m...
News Articles 2016-09-22
A Unique Tactical Opportunity: Sell High, Buy Low | Empire Club 2016

News Articles 2016-01-07
Negative Interest Rates in Canada | Inside the Vault

Video/Presentations 2015-12-16
Commentary on Technical Analysis of Gold and Markets | Inside the Vault

Video/Presentations 2015-12-09
Black Friday Gold Discounts | Inside the Vault

Video/Presentations 2015-12-02
RMB Inclusion in the SDR Currency Basket | Inside the Vault

Video/Presentations 2015-11-25
Inflation and Deflation | Inside the Vault

Video/Presentations 2015-11-18
Silver: Gold Ratio | Inside the Vault

Video/Presentations 2015-11-11
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News Articles 2015-07-22

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