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Why BMG Funds - Uncompromised Bullion

Wealth Preservation for Today’s Financial Reality

BMG Funds are a cost-effective, convenient method of owning precious metals bullion without compromising any of the fundamental attributes of bullion.

The benefits of owning physical bullion include:

BMG BullionFund, and BMG Gold BullionFund (BMG Funds) are open-end mutual fund trusts that can be purchased and redeemed daily at Net Asset Value (NAV), and do not trade at a premium or discount. Because bullion is purchased and sold from and into the global bullion markets, BMG Funds have the same liquidity as gold, silver and platinum bullion.

No Counterparty Risk
BMG Funds own the bullion outright, with no dependency on third parties and no possibility of third-party claims. BMG Funds are stored on an allocated and insured basis in Toronto, with The Bank of Nova Scotia as custodian.

Independent of Management Skills
BMG Funds have a fixed investment policy of investing at least 95 percent of its assets in precious metals bullion. BMG Funds minimize risk, as they do not hedge, lease, market time, leverage or rebalance holdings. As a result, performance tracks the price of bullion and not the trading skills of a portfolio manager.

No derivatives, futures contracts, options or certificates are used in BMG Funds.

BMG Funds Overview

BMG Funds set the gold standard in offering you the absolute security of allocated and insured bullion.

BMG BullionFund is the world's first and only open-end mutual fund trust that purchases equal dollar amounts of gold, silver and platinum bullion.

>> Download Scotiabank BMG BullionFund Physical Holdings List

BMG Gold BullionFund is an open-end mutual fund trust that purchases gold bullion.

>> Download Scotiabank BMG Gold BullionFund Physical Holdings List

BMG Funds Information

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